AURORA'S MAGIC LP3 - Aurora's Magic





*The Happiness Training Plan is a self-help programme with simple, practical steps to help you to greater happiness. The strategies are based on scientific research and draw on the latest findings of positive psychology, the science of happiness.

The CD describes 12 strategies, each taking about five minutes to listen to. The strategies are:

1 Express Gratitude
2 Use Your Strengths
3 Live With Purpose
4 Find Your Power
5 Get Physical
6 The Happiness Diet
7 Learning Optimism
8 Bounceback- ability
9 Improving Relationships
10 Spiritual Happiness
11 Rest & Renewal
12 The Fun Factor

This self-help audio CD is available either through Amazon or amazon or through our website (either as a CD or as a download) at


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  • Marian Moore BA/BSc (Open) CertEd (Distinction)
  • Writer/Speaker/NTW Governor
  • JANUARY 2016



  • Thanks go to 'Aurora' (now aged seventeen) for permission
  • to use her lovely photograph.  
  • Good luck for your A Levels, Driving Test, etc.
  • ALSO thanks to my friend Lorraine Nicholson
  • for the beautiful inspiration and, of course, the affirmation
  • re the Northern lights!




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