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The Thinker and Female Figurine from Cernavodă: Marius Amarie/National History Museum of Romania, Bucharest


4 March 2011

Dear All


Without my soul-mate, I really don't know where I would be.  He has been part of my life since I was a school girl - for over fifty years - always loving, always encouraging and always patiently picking up the pieces when life didn't quite work out as planned.

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give"

– Winston Churchill

Fifty years is a long time; a life-time for some.  I suppose you could call us survivors as we are still making a living and still making a life, although we're both (rather obviously) well past retirement age.  For me, creativity has been one of the key ingredients in this.  For a start, we are both pretty good at reinventing ourselves!  We have had to be. 

Today, I have been engrossed in designing a brochure for a friend who is reinventing her business and I have loved every minute of it.  There's something about business (any business) which sets me on fire.  I just can't help myself. 

My fascination with all things 'business' has, in itself, spanned nearly my entire life time.  It began when I was just sixteen with a two-year secretarial course at the end of the 1950s, and then a career which took many twists and turns and eventually culminated in me setting up my own (small) business in 2008. 

'Better late than never'.  For those interested in statistics, I was 66 years of age at this time, still as fit as ever, and still raring to go.  And so, ...

the dream became a reality.

Maybe, if I work hard enough at this 'promotion', I'll set your creative juices flowing, too.  More and more people are facing the prospect of unemployment and more and more people are looking for alternatives to working for someone else.

Self-employment has to be an option.  So, watch this space for news about my friend's business re-invention.  That pamphlet or brochure I spoke of earlier is just a first tentative step in getting 'the plan' together and getting something 'fit for the purpose' down on paper.

Before leaving you to shine a light on your own bright idea, I would acknowledge that the notion of setting up a business began for me in the rather rarified atmosphere of a school room full of girls in the NE of England. 

I was one of the very first of Britain's enterprise teachers in the mid-1980s.  And, whether my young charges were selling jewellery, plants, or crisps (depending on the season), it was always a great learning experience for all concerned - not least for the teacher i/c (me).

This, then, was my introduction to enterprise education, the virtuous distraction which must by now be part of every child's learning experience in a modern economy.  After all, buying and selling (commerce) is how the country makes its living.

We tend to forget that we were once proud to be known as the workshop of the world and, of course, we are still open for business as Great Britain PLC.  I would now draw your attention to this letter from Mark Williamson.  It's about a brand new (ad)venture called Action for Happiness. 

Here's an extract from said letter - a demonstration of another bit of creativity which should clear out a few more dusty old cobwebs.  I'm absolutely certain Mark, his colleagues, and indeed all those who have joined in, will shine a refreshing new light on the 'green and pleasant land' we sung about long ago in school assemblies.

Join the happiness debate - talk - a first step in any creative process.  



Update from Action for Happiness - 4 March 2011

(extracts from a letter to me)

Dear Marian 

Happiness in the news

To join the debate and discussion on these articles and many more, please follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

Spread the word

Over 4,000 of us have now joined as members of Action for Happiness, which is fantastic. But we want our message about a more positive, caring and fulfilling way of life to reach as many people as possible.

So it would be wonderful if you could take a moment right now to tell your friends and colleagues about Action for Happiness.

And finally…

I'll leave you with these two wonderful, inspiring videos:

Director, Action for Happiness


Hi! I'm back.
I've followed the above hyperlinks and read all the articles mentioned and I've also watched the two videos. Great stuff.  I'm looking forward to the next instalment, Mark.
And, by the way, Dilly Dream was my mother's name for me over the years of my childhood.  No explanation deemed necessary then, or now.  

Welcome on board. 

You are on my dream team, too ...

I'll return sometime soon to tell you (1) how my friend is developing her business idea to take account of advances in information technology and (2) how she is thus creating a brand new vision for her home-based enterprise.

You may be interested to know at this juncture that she (like me) is well past retirement age.  Yet another elderwoman - no more and no less.  If she/we can 'stiffen the sinews, and summon up the blood', then so can you.

Give it your best shot.

This is the 'Enterprise Challenge'!


Marian Moore, BA/BSc, CertEd



"Do not look backwards unless it is to say, `How beautiful is the path that I have traversed!' Do not regret the past. You are moving forward, travelling life's path to find happiness once again, and this time an enhanced happiness."

Nothing, but nothing, is ever wasted!

Him and Her 

x 2 + 1

= 5

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.

*** Andre Gide ***


“The Thinker” from Cernavodă, Male Figurine
Fired Clay
Hamangia, Cernavodă, 5000–4600 BC
National History Museum of Romania, Bucharest: 15906
Photo: Marius Amarie


One of the most famous figurines from Old Europe—“The Thinker”—represents a male seated on a low stool with his hands placed against his cheeks. The overall composition is frequently remarked upon for its affinities to modern art, and calls to mind the works of Picasso, Modigliani, and Brancusi. His unusual pose may have been meant to suggest a pensive state, but his precise thoughts, and even the meaning of his gesture, remain a matter of debate. It is important to note that the figurine’s final context was in a Hamangia grave, suggesting the possibility of a funerary significance. Is he lost in thought, or is he perhaps shown in mourning?





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